7 Jun 2013


My last post inspired me to show some more interiors with yellow accents. Always fun.

via Elle Deco Spain, Q en Bleu, The Absolution, Pynter, Vogue Living

14 Oct 2011


Some happy colour for this rainy Friday morning.

Photos: Roger Davies, Desire to Inspire, Home of Lara Hedberg Deam of Dwell Magazine, VMX Architects

20 Jan 2010

Hello Yellow

Is it just me or are yellow design accents popping up everywhere? Maybe it’s the winter blahs that are drawing me to one of the happiest colours around. But I’m kind-of-into all the yellow I’ve been seeing.

The first set of chairs I noticed was from Laplace & Co architecture and design. You could get very lost at this site. Stunning. These chairs are from their Place St. Georges project.


Then I spotted these cheery yellow chairs care of stylist Elodie Rambaud


I was flipping through the latest LivingEtc. and saw this yellow kitchen. It’s a bit too bold for me, but then again, so is living in a concrete house. But you’ve got to give architect Greg Katz and wife Caryn credit – it really works for this space.