3 Apr 2014

Stockholm Apartment in Elle Interior

I’ve been wanting to see this full apartment for a long time…have seen photos here and there floating around. All I had to do was turn to Elle Interior Sweden – a good call on any day!

17 Apr 2013

Ett Hem Hotel in Stockholm

Thank you Ilse Crawford & Studioilse – a new addition to my must visit list.

via Yatzer and Dezeen

23 Jan 2012

Another Lovely Stockholm Apartment

I spend way too much time thinking about how a small country like Sweden can continually pump out incredible design and well furnished apartments that make me want to pack up and move.

Here I am, in Canada, wondering why we haven’t been able to do the same. Yet! There’s some pretty phenomenal stuff coming out of here these days.

Anyhow – I digress. Here it is. Another fantastic apartment in Stockholm: (I was sold from the moment I spotted the dining room pendant).

Photos via Sotheby’s International Realty. Spotted initially on Today You Inspired Me.

18 Feb 2011

For Sale: One Serious Stockholm Apartment

I still have Stockholm on my mind – and it looks like I might be staying a while. Vicariously, that is.

I could spend hours scrolling through the site of Eklund Stockolm New York – an “international” real estate agency specializing in Sweden’s most exclusive properties.

Spotted on Superfint