14 Dec 2011

Wood Accent Walls

When we were building our house, we constantly had to make trade offs in terms of where we would or would not spend our money. Accent walls are one of those spots that could have easily been cut out – they just don’t seem necessary when you get right down to it.

But, this is exactly the kind of spot where I’m so happy we didn’t scale back. We have a walnut wall in our living room and a concrete caesar stone wall in our bathroom (albeit not as big a wall as I might have liked!). I skimped out on other spots, but I left these features because I think they really do make a difference.

Check out the spots below – I think the wood walls define the space. They bring warmth and texture to these homes. Really lovely.

Photos from: Stil Inspiration, Apartment of Hilary Swank in Elle Decor, Derek Swalwell