27 Dec 2011

ÁBATON Arquitectura: Converted Barn in Spain

Ok. So my last post was a tad kitschy – a bit of a diversion from the kinds of spots I usually gravitate towards. I’m still in Caribbean mode, after all.

But, I do have travel on my mind. I’ve had some pretty incredible trips to Spain over the years and I keep finding spots that make me want to return.

i.e. the entire site of Ábaton architects.

Where to begin? One property is more lovely than the next. But, let’s start here: a converted barn in Extramadura – a Western part of Spain.

28 Jul 2011

Coastal House in Spain

I seem to have Spain on my mind.

This time from the Costa Brava – still dreaming of my vacation there from a few years back. Wish I had stayed in something like this (who wouldn’t?):

Lovely Catifa chairs!

Clearly this house wasn’t built in North America. No railings!

Photos via Design Shimmer