14 Oct 2011


Some happy colour for this rainy Friday morning.

Photos: Roger Davies, Desire to Inspire, Home of Lara Hedberg Deam of Dwell Magazine, VMX Architects

19 Aug 2010

Landscaping: Set the Tone

My sense is that landscaping is often an after-thought while building a home. At least that’s what I’ve heard from lots of people who seem to run out of budget by the time exterior decisions come around.

We’re trying to think about landscaping now – not just because it will be a lot harder to get materials to the back of the house as things progress, but also because I think the all of these exterior details will set the tone for the rest of the house.

No great surprise, but I gravitate towards simple, clean lines for landscaping elements. Nothing fancy. Some fresh cut grass (or even just gravel) and square edges as seen below:

Above: Photograph by Scott Frances
Below: Photograph by Anson Smart
Below: Design by landscape architect Andrea Cochran
Below: Design by Foras Studio
Below: Landscaping by Jack Merlo Design
Below: Court Square Press Building, Boston, MA. Design by Landworks Studio, Inc. Photograph by Eric Roth,
Below: Photograph by Roger Davies

8 Jul 2010

Vestibule: Furniture

We’ll need a bench, a mirror, and somewhere to put our keys in the front entrance. I’d be pretty excited to be greeted by any one of these pieces:

Below: Benches by Henry Built

Below: Barber and Osgerby bench

Below: Perry Bench from Room in NYC

Below: Photo by Roger Davies

Below: Argon bench designed by Arik Levy for Bernhardt Design

Below: Toronto-based Bookhou makes some really lovely products. I love the random lines on this steam bent ash wood bench

Below: Photo from Robert Stilin Interior Design

I love the BDDW Captain’s Mirror along with their Lake Drawer, as seen below. Pulltab Design also makes a great all-in-one option with their Entry Mirror. Bottom photo from J.Weiss Design.

Finally, this last photo barely shows a glimpse of the vestibule, but I do really like the wall-mounted drawer featured in the entrance.

21 Jun 2010

Library: Set the Tone

Onto the Library. In our house, this room is going to border our living room. The main floor is going to be pretty much wide-open. But I’m really excited about this space; it will offer a little cozy corner to escape to when need be. While the rest of the floor will have white walls and be airy, this space is going to have dark wood shelves and charcoal walls.

The sliding doors will likely stay open most of the time, but they’re there if needed. We’re not talking about a big amount of space here, but just enough to house our books, a built in desk and a lounge chair of some sort.

I’ve posted shots of bookshelves before, but here are a few more to get some inspiration going.

Below: Photo care of Roger Davies
Below: Architect Peter Eisenman care of Dwell Magazine
Below: Photo by Mikkel Vang
Below: Delson or Sherman Architects
Below: Photo from The Brooklyn Home Company
Below: Diane Von Furstenberg’s Hampton’s home. Photo from Habitually Chic
Below: Photo from Sarah Blee
Below: Design by Magdalena Keck
Below: Design by Feldman Architects