13 Jun 2011

City Landscaping by Rees Roberts

We’re finally getting around to doing some landscaping. But the problem with landscaping, in my opinion, is that it’s done after the fact – after you have nothing left in your budget, after you’re tired from all the decisions that led up to this point…you get the picture.

If I ever go through the build process again (which I really hope to get to do again!)…I’m going to factor in all these decisions ahead of time. Because when you see the work of a firm like Rees Roberts + Partners you can really get a sense of how good (great!) landscaping can transform a property.

These homes featured below are smack in the middle of Manhattan. As much as I adore New York, I wouldn’t exactly call it clean. But these properties would transport you somewhere far beyond the smog!

Above: Property on East 88th
Below: Jane Street Townhouse

Below: West 10th St. Home.