18 Sep 2013

Kids Play

All of this talk about playrooms and such, has got me thinking of ways to spruce up kids’ focused spaces. Like…how about having your own personal climbing wall? What? Or better yet…a skate ramp?

Time for a bigger back yard:)

via Dwell Magazine, , Style-Files, Delson or Sherman, Remodelista

17 Sep 2013

Chatelaine Feature: Playroom

Our playroom is featured in this month’s Chatelaine Magazine. What fun to get to be part of such a great issue. Here are the photos taken by Ashley Capp.

Above: Ellis rug in Lavender, Piper rug in Lavender.

11 Oct 2012

Lucky Kid

Start ‘em young, I say.

via Lonny Magazine, Riazzoli, A Beautiful Living, Hyperform

22 Oct 2010

Playroom: Toys

Okay, this is my last posting for the next while on kids-centric stuff. I suppose I’ve gotten a bit carried away – but with small kids at home and a house to fill from top to bottom, I couldn’t help myself. To wrap things up, here’s a mix of toys that have caught my eye recently.

Below: Lil Wooden Modern Kitchen by Momoll. Their high back chair and playtower are pretty damn fabulous as well.

Below: I picked up one of these wooden lambs by Manny & Simon at Auggie (a completely inspiring store for kids and Oliver Yaphe’s latest retail partner!).

Below: What is it about toy globes that I love so much? I don’t even think I had one as a kid, but I love them…I might just have to start collecting a few. I particularly love the ones with details in black, like that found at Commute Home or the Corona black and white version by Nendo. I also spotted this amazing chalkboard globe while flipping through Lonny Magazine. It’s sold through The Well Appointed House. I seriously might have to get this one.

And now for some incredible pieces with incredible price tags to match. Arg. The soapbox car by PLAY, a danish children’s furniture company. I spotted it on Minor Details along with its $2750 price tag. Really? Likewise for the Wedge House by Modern Playhouse. It’s a great little wooden house that could be used for anything really – a theatre, house, private getaway. But at $1250 a pop, my kids will likely be using cardboard.