23 Aug 2012

Textured Walls

via Style Essentials, Delson or Sherman Architects and Dwell Magazine, Hyperform, Pitsou Kedem

21 Mar 2012

Touch of Wood

I like the wood detail in these photos. Nice touch.

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6 Feb 2012

Serious Living

I thought I’d kick off the work week with an over the top posting. I’m sort of torn about this one, actually. I wanted to share these shots, but also can’t believe that this is how some people live. What do you think? Too much? Done right? Take it? Leave it? Let me know.

Sources: Corten House by Marcio Kogan via Arch Daily, Bauhaus by Pitsou Kedem via Yatzer, Pitch’s House by Iñaqui Carnicero

18 Jan 2012

Jaffa Apartment by Pitsou Kedem Architects

I normally do a double take when I see the work of Israeli architects Pitsou Kedem. I’ve shared quite a bit of their work before and here’s another drool worthy spot – this historic apartment in the old port of Jaffa in Tel-Aviv.

It certainly doesn’t hurt when you have such gorgeous raw space and a view of the Mediterranean, but I really love a lot of the subtle details added to this minimal home:

The shelves in the kitchen are thin and bevelled. I love the tone of the kitchen cabinetry matched with the raw light wood table. I’m not sure what it’s like to live in a place with a concrete floor – but I like the scale of the slabs (or whatever you might call them). And, this is exactly the kind of place where I love to see a bold carpet being used – in this case, a lovely piece by Patricia Urquiola.

Photos via Yatzer