7 Feb 2014

Kitchen Pendants

Good lighting goes a long way.

via Dwell Magazine (1), Norm Architects (2), Today You Inspired Me (3), Designer Git Gustavsson on Pinterest (4,5,6), Other Pinterest (7)

25 Jun 2012

Country Home by NORM Architects

I’ve done many postings by NORM Architects in the past – how exciting to find another! I’ve seen various images from this property all over the web, but it was only while searching through Marie Claire Maison that I saw the full property.

My french is a bit rusty, but it looks like this property was a fishing cabin outside of Copenhagen and was designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from NORM. Lovely.

4 Apr 2011

House Tour: Fredensborg House by NORM Architects

I absolutely love the work of Copenhagen based NORM Architects. I’d seen photos from their Fredensborg house before, but this month’s Living Etc. features more extensive and “lived in” shots.

Who said sleek contemporary can’t be kid friendly? Well, at least they’ve done a good job at convincing me I can have it all!

3 Nov 2010

Kitchens: Paint it White

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some kitchen ideas. Our own kitchen is finally in production. You’d think I could sigh with relief, but this is the one space I’m really holding my breath about. I feel like our kitchen is going to set the tone for the entire house. Our main floor is wide open and the kitchen is smack in the center of the house.

We decided on a (mainly) white kitchen. White counter tops. White matte lacquer cabinets. Check out some of these spaces for inspiration:

Below: Clean, simple, gorgeous space by NORM Architects

Below: Image by Dutch photographer Alexander Van Berge. Amazing ceiling height!

Below: Kitchen designed by Architects Pitsou Kedem

Below: Photo from Light Locations

Below: Photos by Luc Roymans

Below: Photo by Hulya Kolabas

Below: Oomen Architechen designed kitchen

Below: Kitchen by Architects Voon Wong & Benson

Below: Kitchen by Architects Ong&Ong