9 Apr 2013


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23 Nov 2010


The interesting thing about building a new home, is that every inch of space is carefully thought out. Every spot in our house has a purpose – or at least that’s what we’ve tried to achieve. Great right? Well, yes and no. While I love the flow of our place, what we’re missing are those little “nooks” of space that you might find in older spots or even renovated ones that have some space to fill.

I’ve been collecting shots of “nooks” over the past bit – not because I need them right now, but just because I like them. I’ll just keep these pictures on file for some later time.

Above Sources: From the Desk of Lola, Hulya Kolabas, Hotel Skeppsholmen, Chictip,Daniel Hertzell, Ashe + Leandro; Last two images from unknown sources