16 Sep 2010

Master Bedroom: Nightstands

I tend to keep loads of books and magazines by my bedside. To keep things neat, I’m inclined to opt for nightstands with drawers. The truth is, I probably won’t even use those drawers and will continue to keep everything in plain view. But you can’t blame me for trying. So here are some picks:

Below: Molteni&C 3030 series nightstand and dresser

Below: I love the walnut used for these pieces by Formstelle.

Below: You can get the best of both worlds with the Clooney nightstand by Meridiani – it’s nice and open, but still has a single drawer

Below: Dado bedside table and drawers by B&B Italia. I like the little black and white unit in the photo below – it’s simple and I really like the contrast between the colours and materials.

Below: Crate and Barrel and Room&Board offer some solid options without breaking the bank. Because, really, it’s just a table by the side of the bed. Right? Linea table from C&B and Copenhagen table from R&B

11 Sep 2010

Master Bedroom: Beds

I’m kind of into lower profile bed frames these days – but of course we bought ours a few years back and it sits nice and tall. It doesn’t really matter, I suppose. I think a room comes together with a nice bed frame – upholstered or not, you take your pick.

For years I avoided buying a bed frame and had my mattress and box spring stacked on one of those standard metal stands. When we bought our linen upholstered headboard and frame I felt like I’d reached a new stage in life. No joke. No more futons or student digs. My apartment suddenly felt real! If I were to do it all again, I’d choose something like those shown below:

Below: The Molteni High-Wave bed not only looks fabulous, but it’s also functional. The headboard houses a mechanism that pops out so that you can lie down and read comfortably. It’s also available with a fixed headboard if that isn’t your thing. There’s also hidden storage below the mattress.

Below: I’d choose fabric upholstery over leather any day, but I can’t deny that the Poliform bed featured directly below is seriously sexy. I also love the simple, clean design of the bed featured directly below.

Below: I clipped an image of this bed by designer Mark Cunningham from Elle Decor years ago. It’s simple and elegant and the choice of bedding really brings it all together.

Below: Lovely mid-century vibe with the Case Study Alpine Bed. Available at DWR.

Below: Oak Azur frame by Lekker Home.

Below: Atlantico Bed by De La Espada

Below: I’m not sure who makes the bed below (possibly BDDW? Is it the De La Espada bed in black walnut?). Who knows? But thanks to designer Kate Lydon, it looks fabulous.

19 Jul 2010

Walk-in Closet

So, I think I can put a rest to the main floor for the time being and move upstairs. We’re starting to sketch out some ideas for our walk-in closet. That sounds seriously surreal after living in places in New York that were anywhere from 350-1000 square feet. But, such are the benefits of building from scratch.

I actually prefer closets that are open, where you can see everything at once. But, given this is a separate space between the master bedroom and bathroom, it will probably make sense to put some doors on the cabinets.

Poliform does it right. They make the most ridiculously beautiful closets. I can’t help but wonder who lives in these spaces. I mean, really? Can I get a wardrobe to match, please?

I love the hardware and cabinetry on the Molteni&C closet shown below as well as the layout featured in the interior shot:

Below: Image from Robert Mills Architect