4 Jan 2012

AABE: Les Heures Claires

Belgian architecture firm AABE was commissioned to transform this suburban house into a contemporary residential building. This certainly doesn’t look like the burbs I know!

I’d personally want to add a bit more art and colour, but there’s something about minimal spaces that I find completely calming.

What I actually love most about this house isn’t even inside, though. I just love the wooden seats on the front lawn.

15 Aug 2011

Minimal in Southern California

I’m really drawn to Matt Jacobson’s home in Southern California as seen in Dwell Magazine for so many reasons and the size is one of them. This is a beautifully done space that seems to have just what the owner needs and not much more. A nice change from all those massive houses that seem so out of reach and so unnecessary. Designed by Michael Lee Architects.

Some of my other favourite elements include:
- The landscaping- I love the floating Ipe and steel bench, the mix of stone and gravel, the choice of green.
- Sliding door in the kitchen (we used this sort of detail in our home as well!).
- The wood detail on the living room furniture blends perfectly in the space. I believe it was designed by James Perse…or the store at least provided inspiration.
- The wide plank wood floors

13 Jun 2011

City Landscaping by Rees Roberts

We’re finally getting around to doing some landscaping. But the problem with landscaping, in my opinion, is that it’s done after the fact – after you have nothing left in your budget, after you’re tired from all the decisions that led up to this point…you get the picture.

If I ever go through the build process again (which I really hope to get to do again!)…I’m going to factor in all these decisions ahead of time. Because when you see the work of a firm like Rees Roberts + Partners you can really get a sense of how good (great!) landscaping can transform a property.

These homes featured below are smack in the middle of Manhattan. As much as I adore New York, I wouldn’t exactly call it clean. But these properties would transport you somewhere far beyond the smog!

Above: Property on East 88th
Below: Jane Street Townhouse

Below: West 10th St. Home.

31 Jan 2011

Landscaping: Chyutin Architects’ Ben-Gurion Square

Some pretty phenomenal landscaping, care of Israeli based Chyutin Architects. The Deichmann square is part of Ben-Gurion University.

Photos care of Contemporist.