4 Jun 2015

In Suspension by _Naturehumaine

I always love featuring homes from my hometown, Montreal. What a cleverly stylish home by _naturehumaine.

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27 Jan 2014

If You Had To Choose a Kitchen…

This question was recently posed to me: If you had to design a new kitchen, what style would you choose? So, I thought I’d just throw this out there. What would you say?

Granted, these are all quite modern, but here are a few images to get you going:





Dark: 1.Design Attractor, 2.Design Attractor, 3.Hege Greenal-Scholtz, 4.Japanese Trash
White: 5.Elle Decor, 6.Remodelista, 7.20 Kvadrat, 8.Architectural Digrest, 9.Luc Roymans, 10.Daskal & LaPierre
Grey: 11.La Maison D’Anna G, 12. La Maison D’Anna G, 13.Emmas Design Blogg, 14.Remodelista, 15.Notes on Design, 16. Mes Caprices Belges
Wood: 17.My Scandinavian Retreat, 18.Desire to Inspire, 19.Convoy, 20. Pinterest

23 Oct 2013

Open Shelves

How do you feel about having open shelves in a kitchen?

via Lyla & Blu, Luc Roymans, Mes Caprices Belges, Design Shimmer, Erin Guy on Pinterest, Fantastic Frank

22 Sep 2013

Kitchen Windows

via Chi Va Piano, Design Shimmer, Pinterest, Remodelista, Residence Magazine, Otis & Frank, Waldo Works