16 Apr 2015

Wash up!

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9 Aug 2012

Bath Time

I really like the mix of old and new details in these bathrooms.

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11 May 2012

Friday Faves

A few favourite shots to get the weekend started.

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28 Mar 2012

Lessons Learned: Form vs Function

Before we started building our place, I think I might have traded off function for good looks. Thankfully, I have a husband who balanced me out and in the end, I don’t think we had to compromise in too many spots.

If something doesn’t work, it’s far more annoying than if it doesn’t look exactly as you might have wanted. At least that’s my view. Don’t get me wrong – I couldn’t live with something I really didn’t like the look of, but I would trade off elements in order to make something function better.

I think the big area where this came into play was in our kitchen. I really would have loved a different island design – we were looking at something cantilevered, so that sets of stools could be facing one another. In the end, we would’ve had an enormous island, with little prep space and the kitchen seating and dining seating would’ve been somewhat on top of each other. So we went with a somewhat more traditional layout.

Here are some other very random examples of my practical side kicking in:

1) This modern house outside of Montreal was featured in International Architecture and Design a while back. I love the kitchen (particularly the wood top) – think it’s amazing. But when it comes to the living room. Those open tread stairs would freak me out a bit with kids and I would have loved to have seen them in a different spot of the house.

Yes, please!

Maybe not.

2) Speaking of stairs. These are pretty wild. But again, the kid factor. Actually, I think I’d even be afraid to walk upstairs!

3) I believe I’ve shown this photo before. It’s an amazing kitchen. But if I really think about what it would be like to use this space, I don’t think I’d be that comfortable. The counter top is a bit narrow and there are limited drawers with the island, so you’d constantly be running to another part of the kitchen to get stuff.

4) Kind of cool idea, but you loose a lot of heat when there are no doors to a shower. That’s what I’d be thinking.

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