7 Apr 2013

Good Living

via Fernlund + Logan, La Place & Co, Sarah Lavoine

17 Jun 2010

Living Room (and beyond): Rugs

Okay. Now for some shameless self-promotion. I’ll be putting one of my own rugs in our living room (how could I not, really?). We’ve settled on a Wheels design in grey tones. I’d like to try a wool / silk blend and am having some samples made as we speak. The design will remain as that seen below:

Below: Oliver Yaphe Wheels Rug in Charcoal

Other pieces will be scattered throughout the rest of the house. In the entranceway, we’re going to put a Duncan Runner. My daughter currently has an Alphabet Soup rug in her room, but I’ll likely move it to the nursery and add an Ali rug or some other form of stripes to her bedroom.
Katherine-00028nt litOYaphe_StripeAli

Above: Duncan runner, Ali rug

For the library bordering the living room, I’d like to add add a Madeline Weinrib Mandala Chenille Rug. I love the charcoal one shown below, but I’m toying with the idea of using a white piece since the room itself will be quite dark. I can’t really go wrong, though, her entire collection is beautiful.
Above: Madeline Weinrib Mandala Chenille Rug. Available at Y&Co.

16 Jun 2010

Living Room: Floor Lamps

This is starting to get fun. There are some amazing floor lamps available. I’ll probably pick something once all the other furniture is in place, since I’m not sure what we’ll really needed at this point – but here are some pieces I’ll definitely keep at the back of my mind:

Below: BDDW Floor Lamp. This is one of my all-time favorites. My sense is that we won’t have the room for it, but if we do, I’d take the plunge. After years of pining after this lamp, it might be time to bring it home. Available in Canada through Hollace Cluny. Photos care of BDDW and Lindman Photography.

Below: Zeitraum makes some pretty damn beautiful furniture and the High Noon light is no exception. I was recently smitten during a visit to Avenue Road in Toronto. Oh I do love it. This piece will fit in the same camp as the BDDW lamp – wait and see!

For some smaller options, I’d go with one of these:

Below: Tab Lamp by Barber and Osgerby; Kelvin F Lamp by Antonio Citterio. Both produced by Flos.

Below: Arne Jacobsen Floor Lamp

Below: Foscarini GigaLite Floor Lamp

Below: Eileen Floor Lamp by Misewell. Gorgeous!

Below: Jielde Signal Zig-Zag floor lamp. I adore these fun and classic pieces. Photo care of Morten Holtum

15 Jun 2010

Living Room: Side Tables

We’ll need a small table to put between two side chairs. This piece doesn’t really need to be that functional – just something to fill the space where we can set down a glass or book or something small. I think any of the items below would do the trick quite nicely:

Below: OKO and IKO Tables designed by Christophe Delcourt. Cup of Tea table designed by Henk Vos. All available at Avenue Road.

Below: E15 ST04 Backenzahn side table. Available at Klaus by Nienkamper.

Below: Douglas Chunk ($250) and Gus Modern Bishop Table ($325). Both available at StyleGarage.

Below: Eames Walnut Stool – $829 at DWR.