3 Feb 2012

Swing Arm Pendants

Eeny meeny miny mo….it’s hard to decide which one of these swing-arm pendants I like best. I wish I had a suitable wall / ceiling / room in my place where I could have made a pick.

Well, I’m pretty sure money would be the deciding factor, but I have to say, I’d be thrilled to live with any of these pieces.

1) Flos Mod 265 Wall Sconce (About $1K at Y Lighting)

2) Potence Lamp by Jean Prouve (About $1,700 at DWR)

3) Serge Mouille Two Arm Wall Sconce (About $5200 at DWR)

Photos via: Petra Bindel, Anita Calero, Finetingogjokolade blog, Interior Decline, Emmas Blogg, Hege Greenall Scholtz

27 Apr 2011

Isabel Marant’s Studio

I love getting to glimpse into the workspace of creative people (or really anyone for that matter!). So I was particularly excited to see designer Isabel Marant’s studio captured by Backyard Bill for Elle magazine.

Inspiring space + Jean Prouve table and chairs. Nice combo.

29 Jun 2010

Dining Room: Top 10 Rectangular Tables

I seem to gravitate towards rectangular tables for day-to-day living, although my sense is that a round or square option might work better in our space. We won’t really know until the kitchen is fully mapped out, but for now I’ll run through the different options – starting with rectangular pieces.

There are lots of amazing tables at really different price points. Sometimes an old farm table looks just as good as some high-end designer piece. If I had to choose, I’d spend on great chairs and find a pretty basic option for the table. But, if I were to go all out, I’d pick up one of these:

Below: I adore Cecilie Manz’s Essay Dining Table for Fritz Hansen. It’s so simple, yet unique, and available in tons of different finishes.

Below: Bulthaup C3 table. This is really an amazing table – so light with such clean, simple lines.

Below: Meridiani McQueen table. Nothing fancy about this one – but a good, every-day table.

Below: Zeitraum Tavola table. The walnut used for this table is really gorgeous. It does go perfectly with the Morph chairs – although personally, I don’t like to match so exactly.

Below: The table below is made from vintage Eames bases and a custom top by engberg design. It also doesn’t hurt that the entire room is quite stunning. Once again, thank you Remodelista.

Below: Tom Dixon Slab Table (and bench). Photo from RUM Magazine.

Below: Jean Prouve EM Dining Table. Available at DWR.

Below: R1920 Light Table by Matteo Thun.

Below: E15 London Dining Table.

Below: Lati table (with matching chairs) by Alain Berteau. Available at Wild Spirit.

25 Jun 2010

Dining Room: Set the Tone

The dining room is going to be the first spot that you see when you enter our house. And trust me, you’re going to see it. The windows were installed yesterday. They are quite beautiful, in my opinion, and way bigger than I’d thought. That’s a good problem to have, but we’re definitely going to need some blinds.

In any event, I’m particularly excited about picking out pieces for the dining room. There are so many possible looks. I love mixing and matching types of woods and styles. I’m not yet sure what size table we’ll be able to fit in this room, but here are some shots to get things going.

Below: It doesn’t hurt that the setting for this room is quite dramatic, but I think these chairs have it all. They’re comfortable, sleek, and I haven’t seen them in thousands of homes. Photo by Richard Powers.

Below: Another totally unique look. Not sure about the comfort factor, though. Photo care of RUM magazine.

Below: Yes, Hans Wegner wishbone chairs are everywhere, but they are beautiful, aren’t they? I love the light wood paired with the dark oak table. Photo by Ray Main.

Below: Another set of Wegner chairs care of Bulthaup. Bulthaup not only makes the most beautiful kitchens, but some pretty fab tables as well – light, durable, sleek. I love this look.

Below: Beautiful Cherner chairs care of Specht Harpman Architects.

Below: Jean Prouve all around, care of Taschen. From the table to the chairs to the lighting – it all works for me.

Below: A practical option that fits perfectly in this space. Design by Burd Haward Architects.

Below: Oh where can I find these chairs? I’m not sure where they’re from, but I love the look paired with a big parsons table. Photo via Emmas Blogg

Below: Bryan Adams Paris apartment featured in Elle Decor. I did a recent posting on the living room in this home. Now for the dining room, which is as equally amazing – old school desks make up the table, Bulthaup cabinetry, and flee market chairs – a pretty creative mix that completely works.

Below: This is the dining room from the home of Louise Olsen, Dinosaur Designs founder, and her husband, artist, Stephen Ormandy. It was featured in Vogue Australia in their Jan / Feb 2010 issue. The space feels airy and modern, yet lived in. I wouldn’t mind snagging one of those paintings, either.