3 Aug 2010

Home Office: Set the Tone

The thing with a home office is that it could really go anywhere. We happen to have a dedicated space, but considering I do everything from my laptop, I really don’t need a ton of room. It’s nice to feel organized, though, and I’m looking forward to building out this space. Here are some interesting looks:

Below: Some super sleek options. Top Image from blog Belgchic and bottom image by Adela Cabre.

Below: A functional space that looks great. Image from Deborah Berke & Partners Architects

Below: Oh if only I could be so organized. The images below give me hope. Top photo from Living Etc. Bottom two images from Sydney based Mac Interactive Architects.

Below: Great storage solutions by Architects Pitsou Kedem and Oomen Architecten

Below: I love the loft-like feel of these spaces. Top images by photographer Stellan Herner. Bottom from Feldman Architects

4 Jun 2010

Living Room: Set the Tone

For our new home, we’ve opted to forgo a traditional front living room. Instead, we’re going to have the dining room near the entrance, the kitchen in the middle of the house and a good-sized living room at the back of the house.

This is the space where everything will come together – our choice of windows, furniture, the rug (of course). We need to decide what type of bookshelves we want, how the fireplace and TV will sit together. You get the picture.

I’ve been clipping lots of shots for inspiration.

I see Bryan Adams in a whole new light after catching a glimpse of his Paris apartment. It was featured in Elle Décor a few years back. The space is refined and minimalist. The entire apartment is beautifully put together in a way that doesn’t feel too “put together”. Definitely worth checking out.


Ditto for Dixie Chic Emily Robison. I’ve posted this image before, but I thought I’d include it again since I think the room has a great vibe.

Here are a few clean, simple spaces that caught my eye
Above: Light Locations; Living Etc.; Emmas Blog; Steven Harris Architects; Metropolitan Home

And, then there are some spaces that are just plain old spectacular without needing very much added at all. Check out these digs…
Above: Joseph Dirand; Poteet Architects; Richard Powers Photography

29 Apr 2010

Double The Fun

I’m a proud new Auntie! Twice over, in fact – and not even from twins. Both of my sisters had babies in the past week. Little Molly was born on the 20th and my nephew Charlie came a week later on the 27th. I am so excited. In honour of their arrival, I wanted to dedicate the next few posts to kids related stuff.

Here’s a start with some gorgeous looking nurseries and kids rooms.
Koko_Room1 Above: Room featured in Cookie Magazine; Designed by Koko Architecture and Design

I’m drawn to grey walls for kids rooms. Here’s another example of how it can really work in a darker shade. Photo care of Bloesem Kids.

For slightly older kids, here are some inspiring designs
Above: Photos from Emmas DesignBlogg

I love the BDDW rug featured below. This room is a great example of how to add some sophistication to a space for kids. Beautiful. The photo is from book Brooklyn Modern and was taken by photographer Yoko Inoue


Directly Above: Room from Living Etc.

20 Apr 2010

Kitchen: Set the Tone

Now that we’ve narrowed down our fixture selection, we need to design a kitchen to house one of these lovely faucets.

I have more clippings for the kitchen than any other room, yet I still continue to search. We’re going to have a predominantly white space, but adding all the little details to make it unique will be the real challenge.

I’m sure I’ll post many more images along the way, but here are some initial shots to grab your attention:

Above: I think Bulthaup makes the most beautiful and carefully thought out contemporary spaces. They have a modern, clean aesthetic, but still feel warm. Their kitchens also seem very practical. A nice mix all around.

Here are a few more spaces that are far from expected

Images: Found Associates; Nicolas Matheus; Elizabeth Felicella

The images below are by Varenna kitchens – another beautiful line