26 Dec 2011

St. Bart’s: Hotel La Banane

What is it about travel – the more you get away, the more you want to get away? I just returned from a pretty incredible Caribbean vacation and I’m already dreaming of my next escape.

St. Bart’s would be nice. Obviously! There are some seriously swanky spots that seem unbelievable (i.e. Hotel Isle de France, Eden Rock, Le Sereno…). But for something off the beaten path, what about the Hotel La Banane?

Ok. Maybe the name doesn’t do the place justice (!), but I’m curious what it’s like. It’s a “hidden” property of nine bungalows that was recently refurbished. Many items in the rooms were designed and made in the 50s by Pierre Jeanneret – the cousin of Le Corbusier – giving this spot a seemingly authentic mid-century-vibe.

What do you think? Charming or too kitschy?

Photos via The Cool Hunter