30 Jul 2010

Walk-in Closet: Mirror

Ok, back to business. Where were we? The walk-in-closet. Right.

We have a good idea of what the exterior finish will look like, but there are some added details still needed. Like a mirror. You can’t really get dressed properly without a good mirror, can you? I’ve lived in far too many places where I’ve had to stand on a toilet or chair or something to get even a glimpse of what I’ve put on. Total pain. None of that anymore. We’ll need a good full-length mirror.

While my tendency is to keep things simple, I think a good vintage piece could look great in a modern space as well. Here are some different options starting with clean modern to more ornate pieces:

Below: Metal Floor Mirror and Floating Wood Floor Mirror. Both from West Elm. $299 and $399 respectively.

Below: Loft Leaning Mirror from Room & Board. $699.

Below: Matera Mirror in walnut finish from DWR. $900

Below: Antique Mod Mirror from Room. $2860 in blackened steel. Love it.

Below: Vintage mirror. Image from Remodelista. CommuteHome in Toronto also has a great collection of vintage pieces.

24 Feb 2010

Frame It

Artwork adds instant character to a home, in my opinion. I’ve been noticing some really fabulous ways to display collections. Here are a few:


Above: From My Scandinavian Retreat
Below: From SkonaHem


I’ve also included this image, because I love the prints.


25 Jan 2010

Interior Design Show, 2010

I always like going to design shows. Despite the blandness of most convention halls, I normally come out feeling re-energized in some way. At this year’s IDS in Toronto, I admit I was more impressed with some of the opening night outfits than the exhibits. I know, I know, that’s harsh. I’m impressed with anyone that can pull off a decent booth – I give total credit for that. But I was hoping to find a bit more. I don’t know what exactly, but just a bit more.

There were definitely a few pieces that caught my eye. Bauhaus had a great set of sliding doors on display, as pictured below.


Lema s.p.a. got me quite jazzed about doing the closets in our new house.

Atelier LC2 displayed a lovely walnut desk, called the Veto. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the wood had heft and you could lift a slat to reveal a hidden drawer. I thought it was quite beautiful.

I also thought Light Form had some really cool lamps. Check out the Fork Floor Lamp by Foscarini.


Studio EyeSpy had a fabulous Studioilse lamp tucked away in the corner (available at DWR).


Klaus by Neinkamper also displayed some amazing pendants.


But really, the booth that got me to stop cold in my tracks was IKEA. Yes, IKEA. I could not believe the kitchen they had on display – I even loved their chairs.

Come to think of it, I should take back my initial comments. Turns out there were quite a few inspirational pieces after all. Plus, I didn’t even make it to the Jaime Hayon discussion. I wish I’d made it to that one.

So, there you have it – a slow start with a strong finish. I do feel re-energized after all. Sorry about that.

18 Dec 2009

Let There Be Light

Perhaps it’s the festive time of year that’s got me dreaming of light. But I seem to be noticing fabulous pendant lamps everywhere.

I recently discovered the glass blown pendant collection by Bocci. Designer Omer Arbel has created a stunning line. I love the Pendant Cluster – consisting of seven globes nestled together. Their 14 collection also makes a serious statement.

Did I mention that they’re a Vancouver based company? What’s not to love?