3 Feb 2012

Swing Arm Pendants

Eeny meeny miny mo….it’s hard to decide which one of these swing-arm pendants I like best. I wish I had a suitable wall / ceiling / room in my place where I could have made a pick.

Well, I’m pretty sure money would be the deciding factor, but I have to say, I’d be thrilled to live with any of these pieces.

1) Flos Mod 265 Wall Sconce (About $1K at Y Lighting)

2) Potence Lamp by Jean Prouve (About $1,700 at DWR)

3) Serge Mouille Two Arm Wall Sconce (About $5200 at DWR)

Photos via: Petra Bindel, Anita Calero, Finetingogjokolade blog, Interior Decline, Emmas Blogg, Hege Greenall Scholtz

16 Jun 2010

Living Room: Floor Lamps

This is starting to get fun. There are some amazing floor lamps available. I’ll probably pick something once all the other furniture is in place, since I’m not sure what we’ll really needed at this point – but here are some pieces I’ll definitely keep at the back of my mind:

Below: BDDW Floor Lamp. This is one of my all-time favorites. My sense is that we won’t have the room for it, but if we do, I’d take the plunge. After years of pining after this lamp, it might be time to bring it home. Available in Canada through Hollace Cluny. Photos care of BDDW and Lindman Photography.

Below: Zeitraum makes some pretty damn beautiful furniture and the High Noon light is no exception. I was recently smitten during a visit to Avenue Road in Toronto. Oh I do love it. This piece will fit in the same camp as the BDDW lamp – wait and see!

For some smaller options, I’d go with one of these:

Below: Tab Lamp by Barber and Osgerby; Kelvin F Lamp by Antonio Citterio. Both produced by Flos.

Below: Arne Jacobsen Floor Lamp

Below: Foscarini GigaLite Floor Lamp

Below: Eileen Floor Lamp by Misewell. Gorgeous!

Below: Jielde Signal Zig-Zag floor lamp. I adore these fun and classic pieces. Photo care of Morten Holtum