23 Jan 2014

Loft Apartment in Berlin

via Fantastic Frank

16 Jan 2014


Real estate agencies take note. Fantastic Frank does it right. Very right. I particularly love this home in BOOVÄGEN (think that’s an area outside Stockholm, but not entirely sure). Ok, fine, I really just like saying the name. But call it what you will – this place is great.

via Fantastic Frank

12 Aug 2011

Black Trim Windows

I never seem to tire of this look…

We painted our windows black in my own house and absolutely love it! My unapologetic attempt of pretending I live in a loft!

Source: Fantastik Frank, Milk Magazine, Creative Flats in Montreal, Living Etc Magazine, Patric Johansson, Tamizo Architects.

31 May 2011

Cliffside Retreat

This summer-like weather has got me dreaming of a place like this:

Photos from Fantastic Frank. From what I could tell, these photos were originally from Dwell Magazine.