13 Feb 2011

IDS 11: Rhed + Poliform Stand Out

The Toronto Interior Design Show has come and gone, but there’s one exhibit that keeps popping into my mind: the pod villa designed by rhed and built by Poliform.

The villa on display was a prototype of Templar Lake on the Mountain set to open in Prince Edward County (about 2 hrs east of Toronto). Designed and created by Del Terrelonge of rhed in collaboration with Poliform (if you’ve followed this blog, you know how much I love Poliform!), this “rejuvenation spa” feels like exactly what this area needs. Bit by bit Toronto seems to be coming into its own.

A seriously inspiring space that will have me packing my bags the second it opens.

Above: Photo from the Templar Hotel Monk Bar and Lounge as well as a shot of an in-suite desk – designed by rhed and manufactured by Poliform. Made in walnut and powder coated steeel. Photos via Flickr

Below: Just for the hell of it, I’ve thrown in a shot of the Excel Floor Lamp by Rich, Brilliant, Willing that lured me to the pod villa in the first place.