12 Jul 2011

Double Up

We recently returned from a weekend in the Laurentians with my family. Forget the lake, the best part for my 3 1/2 year old daughter was getting to sleep in a bunk bed.

She would go crazy for this round up!

Photos care of: Emmas designblogg, Coburn Architecture, Lovenordic Design Blog, Ellmania, John Maniscalco Architecture, Standing Element Blog

17 Mar 2011

Textured Walls

Now that we’ve moved in, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with what to put on our walls. Well, I need to unpack first, but hanging artwork is on my radar.

Maybe that’s why I seem to be spotting interesting textured walls all over the place – these walls are decorative in their own right and don’t need any extras at all. From fur wallpaper to wide plank wood, who said walls can’t be a bit more ornamental?

Above: Bedroom of Jon Sherman, founder of Flavor Paper wallpaper. Jon stapled faux fur around foam to get the look for the back wall. Photo via Living Etc.

Above: Un Loft Tout en Papier. Marie Claire Maison.

Below: Modern day wood paneling

Images care of Milk Magazine, Ace Hotel, Giorgio Possenti, Emma’s Design Blogg, and Superfint Blog.

7 Oct 2010

Nursery: Set the Tone

Next up: the baby’s room. I did a posting on nurseries a little while back, but here are some rooms I find inspiring. Now if only I could keep our baby’s room so neat.

Below: Nursery design by Meyer Davis studios

Below: The dark floors and white walls help this space feel clean and modern. Photo from Milk Magazine

Below: I love this nursery, care of Covet Garden. I am also thrilled to see some great online magazines now on the scene – this one in my own backyard. Yay.

Below: If you have a nice crib, the rest of the room seems to come together. And the Leander crib is seriously nice. The price is steep, but if you figure it can be passed on to siblings and turned into a toddler bed as well, you might just talk yourself into it.

Above: Photos care of LightLocations, Emmas Blog, and Desire to Inspire

Below: Photos care of Coochicoos. Is the top one perhaps on ad for Oeuf? Not sure – but it does look nice. I’m still not tired of their furniture.

Below: Okay, not everyone can splurge on a Rug Company rug (or an Oliver Yaphe for that matter) – but check out how they make these entire rooms! Photos and furniture care of DucDuc.

Below: Photo care of Alexander VanBerge