14 Dec 2011

Wood Accent Walls

When we were building our house, we constantly had to make trade offs in terms of where we would or would not spend our money. Accent walls are one of those spots that could have easily been cut out – they just don’t seem necessary when you get right down to it.

But, this is exactly the kind of spot where I’m so happy we didn’t scale back. We have a walnut wall in our living room and a concrete caesar stone wall in our bathroom (albeit not as big a wall as I might have liked!). I skimped out on other spots, but I left these features because I think they really do make a difference.

Check out the spots below – I think the wood walls define the space. They bring warmth and texture to these homes. Really lovely.

Photos from: Stil Inspiration, Apartment of Hilary Swank in Elle Decor, Derek Swalwell

6 Jul 2011

Courtney Cox’s Malibu House

Courtney Cox’s Malibu home is my type of place. It’s minimal, warm, and grey grey grey. Oh and it doesn’t hurt to have a giant Massimo Vitali print!

Designed by Architect Michael Kovac and decorated with the help of Trip Haenisch, this home is one of the most all around beautifully put together places that I’ve seen in a while.

Cox is one of those lucky souls, it seems, that has the budget to match her pretty impeccable taste.

Photos care of Elle Decor.

11 Sep 2010

Master Bedroom: Beds

I’m kind of into lower profile bed frames these days – but of course we bought ours a few years back and it sits nice and tall. It doesn’t really matter, I suppose. I think a room comes together with a nice bed frame – upholstered or not, you take your pick.

For years I avoided buying a bed frame and had my mattress and box spring stacked on one of those standard metal stands. When we bought our linen upholstered headboard and frame I felt like I’d reached a new stage in life. No joke. No more futons or student digs. My apartment suddenly felt real! If I were to do it all again, I’d choose something like those shown below:

Below: The Molteni High-Wave bed not only looks fabulous, but it’s also functional. The headboard houses a mechanism that pops out so that you can lie down and read comfortably. It’s also available with a fixed headboard if that isn’t your thing. There’s also hidden storage below the mattress.

Below: I’d choose fabric upholstery over leather any day, but I can’t deny that the Poliform bed featured directly below is seriously sexy. I also love the simple, clean design of the bed featured directly below.

Below: I clipped an image of this bed by designer Mark Cunningham from Elle Decor years ago. It’s simple and elegant and the choice of bedding really brings it all together.

Below: Lovely mid-century vibe with the Case Study Alpine Bed. Available at DWR.

Below: Oak Azur frame by Lekker Home.

Below: Atlantico Bed by De La Espada

Below: I’m not sure who makes the bed below (possibly BDDW? Is it the De La Espada bed in black walnut?). Who knows? But thanks to designer Kate Lydon, it looks fabulous.

5 Jul 2010

Dining Room: Bring on the Light

Ok, so we do need a couple more things to round our the dining room. Artwork and a lighting fixture. I’m on the lookout for a great canvas of sorts or a giant photograph – but that will take some time. For now, let’s get some good lighting going.

I’ve already shared some of my favourite pendants for the kitchen. Some of those would work well in the dining room as well. But to keep things fresh, here are some new picks:

If my ceilings were limitless, so to speak, I’d snag a Serge Mouille piece or something by Brooklyn based, Lindsey Adelman. I’m in love with her glass blown fixtures. They’re available at Hollace Cluny and are oh so stunning.


Lots of good things are coming out of Brooklyn these days, and David Weeks Studio is no exception. He makes some amazing lighting fixtures, as seen below.

The London Townhouse of Christine D’Ornano was featured in Elle Decor a few months ago (and featured in a previous posting) The pendants seen below are vintage lamps from the Rover car factory. They remind me of the Caravaggio pendants I love so much. Top photo care of Elle Decor. Bottom photo by Lerkenfeldt Photography.

Below: Secto 4201 pendant. Designed by Seppo Koho for Secto Design. Made from Finnish birch.

To wrap things up, here are a few room shots from Avenue-Road in Toronto and Varenna Kitchens.