5 Jan 2015

May Many Doors Open!

2015. I can’t help but be optimistic. Here’s to many new doors opening in the coming year!

16 Aug 2010

Details: Interior Door Hardware

Time to pick some door handles. We’re going for levers. The pieces below are my top choices:

Below: FSB is a German company that I first learned about through Remodelista. I particularly like their Mortise Lever Entry Set – FSB 1108 model and the 1021 model.


Below: Omnia Industries 12/00 Lever and 43/00 Lever. A solid, more affordable option.

Below: Colombo MD11 door lever

Below: Basics Lever Handle by Ize. Ize is a London-based company striving to bring an architectural edge to everyday design. They have a beautiful collection of products.

Below: Nanz 2110 door lever

And…to throw in one knob option, Nanz has an interesting alternative to the common rounded handle with their 1903 model.

13 Aug 2010

Details: Door Trim

I did a posting a little while back on baseboard trim. I probably should have looked at door frames at that time as well. But I got sidetracked by our walk-in-closet. Can you blame me?

Trim and jamb details aren’t exactly glamourous, but they do make a difference. I’m gravitating towards frameless doors, but I’m discovering that “less is in fact more.” That is, dry-wall reveal details are seriously expensive. Go figure. You’d think that getting rid of material would save you some costs, but nope…the added labour adds up.

I’m still looking into this – so I’m not going to write it off just yet. In the mean time, I’ll share some photos of various options.

Below: Dry-wall reveal care of architect Gregory Phillips
Below: Frameless door trim by Feldman Architects. Bottom photo from Dwell Magazine. I quite like the dark edges in both photos.
Below: Frameless door with dark oak door care of Oomen Architecten
Below: There are lots of other elements in this photo that might catch your eye before the door frame, or lack there-of, but here’s another frameless look.
Below: If we do decide to add a frame around the door, there’s no reason it has to be white. Look how nice it can look with some added dark wood detail. Photo from Design Crisis.