25 Feb 2014

Keep it Hidden

I am a full believer in the power of storage!

via The Design Files, Bloesem, Design Attractor, AABE

9 Jan 2012

Studio Guto Requena: Harmonia Apartment

The main floor of this apartment by Studio Guto Requena in Sao Paulo feels a bit like a concrete bunker, to me, but there are some really interesting elements that I like. Namely:

Check out the doors to the bathroom in the master bedroom. I thought the black floor-to-celing doors would open to a closet. Not so. I was totally surprised to see a bathroom lurking behind. The wood slat ceiling is pretty neat as well – particularly how it floats a bit to leave room for the drapes, etc. An unexpected spot to add detail.

Photos via 1 Kind Design

30 Jul 2010

Walk-in Closet: Mirror

Ok, back to business. Where were we? The walk-in-closet. Right.

We have a good idea of what the exterior finish will look like, but there are some added details still needed. Like a mirror. You can’t really get dressed properly without a good mirror, can you? I’ve lived in far too many places where I’ve had to stand on a toilet or chair or something to get even a glimpse of what I’ve put on. Total pain. None of that anymore. We’ll need a good full-length mirror.

While my tendency is to keep things simple, I think a good vintage piece could look great in a modern space as well. Here are some different options starting with clean modern to more ornate pieces:

Below: Metal Floor Mirror and Floating Wood Floor Mirror. Both from West Elm. $299 and $399 respectively.

Below: Loft Leaning Mirror from Room & Board. $699.

Below: Matera Mirror in walnut finish from DWR. $900

Below: Antique Mod Mirror from Room. $2860 in blackened steel. Love it.

Below: Vintage mirror. Image from Remodelista. CommuteHome in Toronto also has a great collection of vintage pieces.

19 Jul 2010

Walk-in Closet

So, I think I can put a rest to the main floor for the time being and move upstairs. We’re starting to sketch out some ideas for our walk-in closet. That sounds seriously surreal after living in places in New York that were anywhere from 350-1000 square feet. But, such are the benefits of building from scratch.

I actually prefer closets that are open, where you can see everything at once. But, given this is a separate space between the master bedroom and bathroom, it will probably make sense to put some doors on the cabinets.

Poliform does it right. They make the most ridiculously beautiful closets. I can’t help but wonder who lives in these spaces. I mean, really? Can I get a wardrobe to match, please?

I love the hardware and cabinetry on the Molteni&C closet shown below as well as the layout featured in the interior shot:

Below: Image from Robert Mills Architect