30 Apr 2013

My Place!

Better late than never. It was a year ago that my place was featured in Canadian House & Home Magazine. Here’s a look at the spread:

23 Mar 2012

Print It

I can’t believe I haven’t even mentioned yet that my house is in this month’s Canadian House & Home magazine (well, technically the April issue).

It was a total treat to get to work with everyone that I did at the magazine. The amount of detail and care that goes into putting an issue together is incredible. I’ve always loved magazines and books and publishing – you name it – but I have a total new found respect for it all.

So, these ain’t my interior shots by any means, but here’s a little homage to printed matter!

Have a great weekend.

via Janne Peters, The Selby, French by Design, Stilinspiration, Hanna Skoog, Convoy, Pynter

2 Jun 2011

Boathouse Studio by gh3 Architects

Boathouse. Photographer’s Studio. Call it what you want – this seriously sleek home featured in this month’s Canadian House & Home magazine is unbelievable. Designed by gh3 Architects, I find the space completely inspiring.

The windows are phenomenal. I love the oversized floor tiles – wonder what they are? Anyone know? The “bigframe” dining chairs work perfectly for this space. A tub overlooking the water. Sigh. Vola faucets. Double sigh.

It might not be super comfy, but I could curl up with those views any day.

1 Nov 2010

Laundry Room: Set the Tone

We’re on to the laundry room. I admit, this space is a bit of an after-thought. I mean, we need to cut corners somewhere, right? But this a room that we will use all, I mean ALL, the time. Just because we want to do it cheap and cheerful, doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with it. Here are some looks to get things going:

Below: Laundry rooms featured in Canadian House&Home Magazine

Below: Photo from Chez Larsson. Benita is the author of this blog and a self-proclaimed neat freak. You can find tips on how to organize every inch of space in your house on her site and the laundry room is not exception. Her laundry room is simple, but has all the elements we need. I love the idea of having a few exposed sorting bins by the washer and dryer.

Below: Photo care of Apartment Therapy

Below: Photo from Vogue Living

Below: Some modern looks from Electrolux and site DigsDigs