27 Sep 2010

Kids Rooms: Beds

I went back and forth when trying to decide what type of bed to get our daughter. We ended up opting for a double – which seemed seriously extravagant at the time, but I admit I’m so happy we did. I love getting to lie with her at night before she goes to bed. I still haven’t decided what type of headboard to make, but that will come. Whether you go this route or choose a toddler bed or even something built-in, there are so many options for kids rooms. Maybe too many!

Below: Bed featured in Rum Magazine. This piece would work just as well in my room as it would in my daughter’s. I love the nook for books.

Below: Ubabub’s Nifty bed is another option designed for kids, but suited for any room. The Australian company markets their products as being ultra-safe, durable, and eco-friendly. Their products aren’t yet available internationally, but it sounds like they might be soon.

Below: Italian company Nume makes beautiful and unique products for kids. I’ve featured their toddler bed before, but here it is again along with a seriously fun canopy.

Below: You really can’t go wrong with Ikea for a kids room. The Malm bed does the trick quite nicely – it’s modern, simple, and the price is definitely right.

While I would choose straight lines for a headboard for my room, I’m likely going to add some detail for my daughter’s room. Here are some bits of inspiration:
Above: Photos care of LivingEtc., New York Magazine, and Serena & Lily.

11 Sep 2010

Master Bedroom: Beds

I’m kind of into lower profile bed frames these days – but of course we bought ours a few years back and it sits nice and tall. It doesn’t really matter, I suppose. I think a room comes together with a nice bed frame – upholstered or not, you take your pick.

For years I avoided buying a bed frame and had my mattress and box spring stacked on one of those standard metal stands. When we bought our linen upholstered headboard and frame I felt like I’d reached a new stage in life. No joke. No more futons or student digs. My apartment suddenly felt real! If I were to do it all again, I’d choose something like those shown below:

Below: The Molteni High-Wave bed not only looks fabulous, but it’s also functional. The headboard houses a mechanism that pops out so that you can lie down and read comfortably. It’s also available with a fixed headboard if that isn’t your thing. There’s also hidden storage below the mattress.

Below: I’d choose fabric upholstery over leather any day, but I can’t deny that the Poliform bed featured directly below is seriously sexy. I also love the simple, clean design of the bed featured directly below.

Below: I clipped an image of this bed by designer Mark Cunningham from Elle Decor years ago. It’s simple and elegant and the choice of bedding really brings it all together.

Below: Lovely mid-century vibe with the Case Study Alpine Bed. Available at DWR.

Below: Oak Azur frame by Lekker Home.

Below: Atlantico Bed by De La Espada

Below: I’m not sure who makes the bed below (possibly BDDW? Is it the De La Espada bed in black walnut?). Who knows? But thanks to designer Kate Lydon, it looks fabulous.

9 Mar 2010

Sweet Dreams

Something must be in the air, but I’ve received tons of inquiries lately about the toddler bed featured in the photograph with my buttons rug on my site. I figured this would be as good a time as any to share the details.

The bed is by Nume and I have to agree it’s quite lovely. And hey, if I can be so bold, I think it looks particularly nice with the buttons rug. What do you think?