16 Jun 2010

Living Room: Floor Lamps

This is starting to get fun. There are some amazing floor lamps available. I’ll probably pick something once all the other furniture is in place, since I’m not sure what we’ll really needed at this point – but here are some pieces I’ll definitely keep at the back of my mind:

Below: BDDW Floor Lamp. This is one of my all-time favorites. My sense is that we won’t have the room for it, but if we do, I’d take the plunge. After years of pining after this lamp, it might be time to bring it home. Available in Canada through Hollace Cluny. Photos care of BDDW and Lindman Photography.

Below: Zeitraum makes some pretty damn beautiful furniture and the High Noon light is no exception. I was recently smitten during a visit to Avenue Road in Toronto. Oh I do love it. This piece will fit in the same camp as the BDDW lamp – wait and see!

For some smaller options, I’d go with one of these:

Below: Tab Lamp by Barber and Osgerby; Kelvin F Lamp by Antonio Citterio. Both produced by Flos.

Below: Arne Jacobsen Floor Lamp

Below: Foscarini GigaLite Floor Lamp

Below: Eileen Floor Lamp by Misewell. Gorgeous!

Below: Jielde Signal Zig-Zag floor lamp. I adore these fun and classic pieces. Photo care of Morten Holtum

29 Apr 2010

Double The Fun

I’m a proud new Auntie! Twice over, in fact – and not even from twins. Both of my sisters had babies in the past week. Little Molly was born on the 20th and my nephew Charlie came a week later on the 27th. I am so excited. In honour of their arrival, I wanted to dedicate the next few posts to kids related stuff.

Here’s a start with some gorgeous looking nurseries and kids rooms.
Koko_Room1 Above: Room featured in Cookie Magazine; Designed by Koko Architecture and Design

I’m drawn to grey walls for kids rooms. Here’s another example of how it can really work in a darker shade. Photo care of Bloesem Kids.

For slightly older kids, here are some inspiring designs
Above: Photos from Emmas DesignBlogg

I love the BDDW rug featured below. This room is a great example of how to add some sophistication to a space for kids. Beautiful. The photo is from book Brooklyn Modern and was taken by photographer Yoko Inoue


Directly Above: Room from Living Etc.

26 Apr 2010

Kitchen Stools

Now that I’ve got the kitchen on my mind, I figured it would be a good time to think about the finishing details. We’re a while away from buying any sort of furniture, but we will need some good stools for the island.

If price wasn’t a factor, I’d be buying one (or 4) of these:

Above: BDDW Square Guest Stool, Bassam & Fellow Tractor Stool

If I can convince myself to land somewhere in the middle, here are my picks:

Above: Cherner Classic Walnut Stool, Established & Sons Alto Stool; Walter Knoll Jason Lite Stool

If I stick with my budget, here is where I’ll land:

Above: Blu Dot Stool Stool and Timber Stool; Crate and Barrel Felix Walnut bar stool; Ikea Sebastian Stool

15 Apr 2010

Dixie Chic

Browsing through one of the final issues of Metropolitan Home (November 2009), I came across the stunning San Antonio home of Dixie Chick, Emily Robison. It’s got beautiful steel windows, one of my favourite BDDW lights, Cherner stools, and an overall great aesthetic. Who knew?