12 Apr 2010


Having spent my childhood summers in Maine, I have a thing for the beach. While I gravitate towards clapboard and shingled homes, it really doesn’t matter where I am. I love the sound, the smells, the feeling of dipping my toes in chilly salt water. I’m not one to sit and lounge in the sun for hours, but there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon by the shore, in my opinion.

Fresh off the plane from our Florida vacation, I thought I’d share some shots that bring it all back – well, minus the Florida part:)

Photo by Eric Roth

Block island beach homes by Estes Twombly Architects

Check out these inventive spots that make the most out of what they’ve got:
Above: Pre-fab home by Swedish Architects Sommarnojen, discovered on Remodelista

Above: Designer Nina Tolstrup built this beautiful 388 sq.ft. beach home. Photo care of Mopu42

23 Mar 2010

From the Outside

Before we thought about exterior sketches or what type of home we wanted, we started collecting images. Lots of images. The photos below are nothing like what we’re ultimately going to have (sigh), but I found inspiration in these shots.

I love the mix of old and new together. That will be our challenge – to build a new house with with the character of a lived in space.

Take a look at some of these incredible homes:


Gregory Phillips Architects


Helen Lucas Architects


Rees Roberts + Partners

I also love traditional brownstones, particularly after living in New York. Here’s a shot that just makes me happy.


Peter Aaron Photography

Plus another with a neat contemporary twist.


Dean Wolf Architects

3 Feb 2010

Great Escape

We are oh so close to starting our new house build. As such, I’ve been doing a lot of digging for design ideas. I have to be careful not to waste entire afternoons searching through architecture and design sites. There’s just so much great stuff out there that it’s easy to lose track of time….and focus. Although I was on the lookout for great kitchen designs, I recently found myself drooling over country homes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to call one of these spots home?


Nicolas Tye Architects


John Pawson Baron House


Preston Scott Cohen


Derek Sanders Black Barn


Leroy Street Studio Barn and Pond Studio

20 Jan 2010

Hello Yellow

Is it just me or are yellow design accents popping up everywhere? Maybe it’s the winter blahs that are drawing me to one of the happiest colours around. But I’m kind-of-into all the yellow I’ve been seeing.

The first set of chairs I noticed was from Laplace & Co architecture and design. You could get very lost at this site. Stunning. These chairs are from their Place St. Georges project.


Then I spotted these cheery yellow chairs care of stylist Elodie Rambaud


I was flipping through the latest LivingEtc. and saw this yellow kitchen. It’s a bit too bold for me, but then again, so is living in a concrete house. But you’ve got to give architect Greg Katz and wife Caryn credit – it really works for this space.