Living Room (and beyond): Rugs

Okay. Now for some shameless self-promotion. I’ll be putting one of my own rugs in our living room (how could I not, really?). We’ve settled on a Wheels design in grey tones. I’d like to try a wool / silk blend and am having some samples made as we speak. The design will remain as that seen below:

Below: Oliver Yaphe Wheels Rug in Charcoal

Other pieces will be scattered throughout the rest of the house. In the entranceway, we’re going to put a Duncan Runner. My daughter currently has an Alphabet Soup rug in her room, but I’ll likely move it to the nursery and add an Ali rug or some other form of stripes to her bedroom.
Katherine-00028nt litOYaphe_StripeAli

Above: Duncan runner, Ali rug

For the library bordering the living room, I’d like to add add a Madeline Weinrib Mandala Chenille Rug. I love the charcoal one shown below, but I’m toying with the idea of using a white piece since the room itself will be quite dark. I can’t really go wrong, though, her entire collection is beautiful.
Above: Madeline Weinrib Mandala Chenille Rug. Available at Y&Co.

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    I like the second from the top! Very nice stripes!