Good Tidings

New Year’s was pretty quiet this year. We had just returned from our holiday trip. Babysitter-less and exhausted, we opted to stay home. We did enjoy some delicious lobster and had a lovely time. But if there’s a party I could have gone to, I think it would have been the one I just read about in Food&Wine.

Forget the amazing food for a moment – I’d love to check out the Chemosphere house in Los Angeles. I mean, really. Art-book publisher Benedikt Taschen and his wife, Lauren, had a killer setting to ring in the New Year. They also brought two of the best-rated new chefs in 2009 (Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo) to cater the meal. Now, I admit, I’d never heard of Jon or Vinny before reading the article. But I imagine they’re pretty damn good.
Plus, guests got to take a “hillavator” or tram to reach the party. It is 2010 after all.


photos by John Kernick

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