Hello. Hello. Thank you for coming.

My first posting. How exciting (and nerve wracking).

Welcome to my site. This is my space to explore, find, and share. I want to divulge ideas, thoughts, products, or just plain old everyday stuff that inspires me. Hopefully a smidgen of that will rub off on you. You never know.

My business began with a few sketches. I’d been sketching for years, actually. I’d tried bags, shirts, product of any sort. Rugs just sort of happened. Well, sort of. My family has been in the rug business for generations. But, I never thought I’d get into the business myself.

It was only when I started thinking of rugs as another canvas of sorts, that I got really into it. I could to take my love for colour and design and translate it into beautiful product that is made by hand with incredible care.

Now, the more I learn about the craftsmanship involved, the more excited I get and the more I love this trade (most of the time). But its still largely about dreaming up an idea and seeing it come to life.

My company and product line has grown organically. It began with the floor. Went to the walls. We’ll see what’s next. What I do know, is there will be more.

I love to explore. I’m a believer that half the battle is just taking action.

So, with that in mind, here is the start of something new. I really want to be here, I hope that you want to be here as well. Come back to visit. I’ll add new postings when I can. It won’t be all the time. But it will be frequent enough.

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to being in touch soon.


  • Adriana Flores

    Congratulations and all the best!

  • Adriana Flores

    Congratulations and all the best!