Get Your Wheels on: Part Deux

Since I seem to have biking on my mind, I thought I’d share some more cycling related inspiration. Again, my latest find comes out of London. Maybe someone’s trying to tell me something.

Not only was London’s bike share program recently launched (care of Barclay’s), bike superhighways are rolling out (no pun intended), but there’s also a slew of bike related hot spots popping up.

What’s not to love about the latest, Look Mum No Hands? This cafe or hang-out or whatever you want to call it, is a spot where you can grab a drink, get your bike fixed, watch a flick. If that’s not enough, the t-shirts are pretty cool.

I can’t wait for inspired spots to open on this side of the pond! Hopefully some entrepreneurial soul is reading this.

Photos via NYT.

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