Details: Trim

The amount of decisions to be made while building a house is somewhat insane. Good thing I love it. But there are just so many details I’ve never spent a minute thinking about. I know what I like when I see it, but have I spent a lot of time looking at door jambs or floor trim? Not until now.

I’m not really sure what type of baseboards I want. Probably something thick – say 7″ high. We’re going for high ceilings, so I think that will make sense. I don’t want something ornate, but I also don’t just want a piece of wood slapped to the wall.

Here are some options:

Below: Thick Trim. Images by Michaelis Boyd, Ashe + Leandro, Butz + Klug, and David Netto respectively.

Below: Thin Trim. Images by Bart Van Leuven, Owen and Vokes, and Eric Studenmaier.

Below: Dry Wall Reveal. Thick or thin, I think this added detail is really lovely. Images from Joeb Moore, Houzz, Mac Interactive, Feldman Architects (bottom two images).

Below: No trim at all. This isn’t the most practical option, but definitely makes a statement. Images by Joeb Moore and Joseph Dirand Architecture.

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