Make an Entrance

I think I’m going through a real nesting phase. I’m about 2 weeks away from my due date and I’m feeling the need to have as much sorted out with the house as possible. There are still so many decisions to come, but it gives me some satisfaction to work through each room bit by bit.

I’ve weeded my way through most of the main floor – living room, library, kitchen, dining room, powder room (sort of). What’s left? Well, the place where I probably should have started…the vestibule or front entrance.

We don’t have a big space so it’s likely not going to be entirely enclosed. But there will be some sort of divider to separate space and keep cold air out in the winter. Plus, I’ve learned, we need a wall to run ducts up…so we don’t really have a choice about that wall anyway.

I hope we have room for a bench and some sort of built-in piece to put our keys. Whether we buy or build is up for grabs, but here are some room shots to get the vibe going:

Below: The entranceway in Michael Kors’ NYC apartment. I apologize, but I can’t remember where I found this photo.

Below: Photo by Eric Roth

Below: DIY hallway care of Remodelista

Below: Designer Colleen McGill of the McGill Design Group brings a relaxed elegance to her work. I just want to curl up in one of her rooms.

Below: I really like all of these rooms. I’ve been clipping images for so long, that sadly (again), I don’t know where these ones are from…

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