16 Feb 2012

Make it Dark

Here’s the other end of the toss up from my last post.

Dark rooms all around.

How great is this first photo? This room (home?) won an Australian Interior Design Award – with good reason – the wood “panelling” on the walls is gorgeous!!

15 Feb 2012

White Night

When we were building our house, it was a total toss up between painting our bedroom dark or keeping it white, like the rest of the house.

We went for dark, in the end. I have to say, I love it. It’s calm and cozy, but these white rooms make me realize why it’s not such an easy decision.

via Mark Gregory Peters photo as seen on Desire to Inspire, Chi Va Piano tumblr, Alvhem Makleri & Interior (last 3 images)

13 Feb 2012

Goodman House

To follow up on my last post, I thought I’d show another country home that I think is really great – this time in Pine Plains, NY. The Goodman House by Architect by Preston Scott Cohen, adds a nice twist to a classic exterior with a series of windows in varied sizes.

The outside really makes you wonder what lies beyond the front doors – and this home doesn’t disappoint, with it’s rustic loft type of feel and insanely high ceilings. Not a bad weekend escape, don’t you think?

via Factory Chic Blog

10 Feb 2012

Cliff House by Brian Mackay-Lyons

Architect Brian Mackay-Lyons makes me seriously want to escape to the maritimes. His Cliff House, as seen in the latest issue of Azure Magazine, is quite something.

I love how the front of the house totally conceals what lies beyond. From the front, you’d have no idea that two-thirds of the building is cantilevered over a cliff. I know, this sounds treacherous – and I’m not one for heights – but the overall effect is amazing and the views must be equally incredible.

Between this property and the Shobac cottages that I wrote about a little while back, I can’t wait to see what Brian Mackay-Lyons does next!