23 Feb 2012

Beep Beep

Our garage was probably the last thing on my mind when we were designing our house. But I love how these homes have car ports that are an integral part of the architecture.

Moral of the story – maybe I just need nicer wheels! (actually…no excuses…the car I drive is actually in one of these photos. Hint: Think mom with 2 kids + hatchback for lugging around rugs!).

Source: 1. Coast Architects T Bone House, 2. AABE, 3. Mews House by Seth Stein Architects, 4. The Pursuit Aesthetic, 5. Shannon McGrath, 6. Japanese Trash, 7. Where Is The Cool, 8. Japanese Trash, 9. Ian Moore Architects

22 Feb 2012

Modern Chalet in the Alps

I have yet again fallen for the work of Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. I posted about his Corvo chair for Bernhardt Design a while back. This time I’m smitten with his Otto seating collection for Ceccotti Collezioni – not to mention this stunning chalet (if you can even call it that!) in the Alps that houses these beautiful pieces.

I mean, seriously, look at this home! Gorgeous wood detail that keeps the space incredibly modern but warm.

21 Feb 2012

Country Kitchen

I’ve been designing my imaginary country home. A nice wooden kitchen would fit in perfectly!

via You Are the River, My Scandinavian Retreat, Chi Va Piano, Stil Inspiration, Vineet Kaur, Japanese Trash, Anouk B

20 Feb 2012

Modern Glass Extensions

I absolutely love when modern glass extensions are added to older homes.

via AABE Architecture, Japanese Trash, Vineet Kaur, Turner Street by Threefold Architects