21 Oct 2011

Printing Office Loft in Belgium

I’ve been talking about colour quite a bit lately. This converted printing office loft in Belgium caught my eye – particularly how the architect-owner used coloured glass to indicate kids’ rooms. It’s almost like this house has its own branding system.

When I see stuff like this, I really think that ideas are limitless when it comes to design. Anything goes.

Photos by Tim Van de Velde

19 Oct 2011

Twins by William O’Brien Jr

Dare I say that winter is in the air? I wouldn’t mind so much if my winter looked like the photos below.

Architect William O’Brien Jr. created two incredibly serene and stunning vacation properties for two brothers and their families in upstate New York.

I won’t even attempt to get into the mathematical properties behind this project, but essentially both homes are made up of the same five shapes – one is a six-sided polygon and the other a four-sided polygon.

No fighting over rooms for these two lucky families.

Spotted on Yatzer

17 Oct 2011


I’ve got colour on my mind. Today I’m dreaming of GREEN.

Photos: Dwell Magazine, French by Design, Living Etc.

14 Oct 2011


Some happy colour for this rainy Friday morning.

Photos: Roger Davies, Desire to Inspire, Home of Lara Hedberg Deam of Dwell Magazine, VMX Architects