31 Oct 2011

Mathilde Home by NU Architects

This home by NU Architects seems to use every inch of space wisely. Very clever.

Photos by Stijn Bollaert

28 Oct 2011

House Tour: Virginie Denny + Alfonso Vallès

The Paris home of Virginie Denny + Alfonso Vallès was featured in both Elle Interiör and Elle Decoration UK. Not surprised – this place is oozing with charm.

Photographed by Petra Bindel and stylized by Emma Persson Lagerberg.

26 Oct 2011

Hot Seat

Oh these fur covered seats look so cozy…

Photos via Hege Greenall-Scholtz and Jonas Ingerstedt

24 Oct 2011

Restoration House by CAAN Architects

There’s some pretty fabulous design coming out of Belgium these days. I say that with a bit of envy – I actually did an exchange program there while in University. I had the most incredible time – but my experience (obviously) looked nothing like this:

Above: Restoration House by CAAN Architects. Photos by Thomas De Bruyne of Cafeine Photo.