15 Feb 2011

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011

Well, I didn’t exactly make it to the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Someday. For now, I’ll continue scouring the web. Here are some highlights from my couch surfing:

Below: Floor lamps originally designed by Greta Magnusson Grossman and reissued by Gubi. Lovely!

Below: Designer Catharina Kippel’s Cobalt breakfast set for Design House Stockholm

Below: ‘Darjeeling’ trolleys by Anna Kraitz for Kallemo.

Below: ‘Gram’ lighting by Jonas Fosman for Zero One

Below: Workshop light by student Sami Kallio.

Below: Royal Pendant by Niclas Hoflin and Nomad Floor Lamp for Ruben Lighting

Below: The 2011 Green Furniture Award was won by designer Maria Westerberg for her T-Shirt Chair. Not something I’d probably put in my place, but cool nonetheless.

Photos care of Wallpaper, Dezeen, Designboom, Dwell Magazine

13 Feb 2011

IDS 11: Rhed + Poliform Stand Out

The Toronto Interior Design Show has come and gone, but there’s one exhibit that keeps popping into my mind: the pod villa designed by rhed and built by Poliform.

The villa on display was a prototype of Templar Lake on the Mountain set to open in Prince Edward County (about 2 hrs east of Toronto). Designed and created by Del Terrelonge of rhed in collaboration with Poliform (if you’ve followed this blog, you know how much I love Poliform!), this “rejuvenation spa” feels like exactly what this area needs. Bit by bit Toronto seems to be coming into its own.

A seriously inspiring space that will have me packing my bags the second it opens.

Above: Photo from the Templar Hotel Monk Bar and Lounge as well as a shot of an in-suite desk – designed by rhed and manufactured by Poliform. Made in walnut and powder coated steeel. Photos via Flickr

Below: Just for the hell of it, I’ve thrown in a shot of the Excel Floor Lamp by Rich, Brilliant, Willing that lured me to the pod villa in the first place.

8 Feb 2011

Branson School Student Common by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

I never thought I’d want to go back to high school, but after seeing this building by architects Turnbull Griffin Haesloop, I might seriously reconsider.

Located in Ross, California, just north of San Francisco, The Branson School Student Common is pretty insane – I expect a whole new breed of young budding architects to come out of this place. At least they better!

Photos via Contemporist

2 Feb 2011

Tabletop: Modern Dinnerware

We’re getting close to our move-in date. I’m now getting to decide on things like dishes and glasses and all sorts of decorative stuff. You’d think we’d have all this by now, but after moving around for so many years, I think a lot of our stuff is as tired as we are!

In terms of dinnerware, I’m going to start with a classic. So classic that I actually inherited an original set of Royal Copenhagen dishes from my grandmother. I never really had a thing for dishes and stashed these away for years. Now I realize how incredible they are and love the “modernized” blue fluted mega version seen below:

I first discovered the Bodo Sperlein dishes below while eating one of my more memorable New York meals. I stared down at the plate as much as at my food! These are stunning and elegant and look even better when neatly stacked together. Below: Dibbern Black Forest pattern and Red Berry

Years ago my sister gave me a present of some serving pieces by Mud Australia. I admit, I haven’t put a drop of food on them – they’re actually being used as sculpture on a bookshelf. But if I had a whole set, it would be a different story! The organic shapes are right up my alley.

What’s not to love about iittala’s Origo Dishware? These pieces by designer Alfredo Häberli have been around for a while and I never seem to tire of them.