24 Feb 2011

Gallery Walls

I have a houseful of freshly painted walls waiting to be decorated. The thought of putting that first nail in to hang some art, however, feels somewhat unsettling. Maybe it’s because I’m not one of those people that like to measure. It’s true, I generally just eyeball something before hanging it up – a personal quirk that might just put my husband over the edge!

If I had a few large pieces, it would be a lot easier. But I don’t. I have a bunch of small photographs and framed drawings. Good thing that I love the look of gallery walls.

Not as easy to pull off as you might think – but worth a shot. I can always cover up my mistakes with other pictures. Right?

Images care of: FantasticFrank, Lonny Magazine February 2011 issue, Rue Magazine, Design*Sponge featuring Jen Bekman apartment, Milk Magazine, and Emmas Design Blogg. Final image featuring art work by Alanna Cavanagh

How could I resist the big O and Y on display in this room? Photo via Skonahem.

For additional ideas, you can check out this previous posting I did with other art wall displays.

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22 Feb 2011

Portfolio: Photographer Giorgio Possenti

I just had a few jaw dropping moments while visiting the site of photographer Giorgio Possenti. See what I mean?

20 Feb 2011

Ikea Done Right

There are some seriously talented stylists at Ikea. Here are some shots from their blog, Livet Hemma. It just goes to show what some personal touch and great photography can do!

These rooms hardly look like they were built with an instruction manual and allen key.


Living Rooms

Art & Play Rooms

18 Feb 2011

For Sale: One Serious Stockholm Apartment

I still have Stockholm on my mind – and it looks like I might be staying a while. Vicariously, that is.

I could spend hours scrolling through the site of Eklund Stockolm New York – an “international” real estate agency specializing in Sweden’s most exclusive properties.

Spotted on Superfint