31 Jan 2011

Landscaping: Chyutin Architects’ Ben-Gurion Square

Some pretty phenomenal landscaping, care of Israeli based Chyutin Architects. The Deichmann square is part of Ben-Gurion University.

Photos care of Contemporist.

29 Jan 2011

Bathroom Accessories: Towel Bars & Hooks

Not the most glamorous posting, but these are the types of decisions I’m making these days. What towel bars, hooks, and paper holders to get. Here we go:

Towel Bars

Above: Wer Designs Inc. 709-0 Tsutsu Holder Towel Bar ($224), Nameeks 6507-02 Nemox Rail Towel Bar ($122), Smedbo AK3464 24in. Single Rail Towel Bar ($105). :Use 153 Bollard Towel Bar ($68). Available at Sugastune 18″ Towel Bar ($51) at Alema. Ikea Raan Towel Rail ($12.99).

Towel Hooks

Above: VIPP Towel Hook – Lovely, but seriously pricey ($125). Duravit – D-Code Towel Hook ($10) from allmodern. Sugastune DSH-01 Stainless Steel Coat Hook ($6.75), JF-70 Stainless Steel Hook ($22) from Alema.

25 Jan 2011

Details: Hooks and Hardware

In case you’re wondering, we haven’t yet moved in to our place. I’ve been quiet about details lately, because so many decisions have already been made.

Almost all of our millwork was built off-site and is just starting to be installed. So, while I’ve had a million things to do on site, I haven’t been overwhelmed by too many design choices. That changed today. I have my latest task: choose cabinet pulls, hooks, and any outstanding hardware.

Here are some top picks:


Above: Canteen hooks by Very Good & Proper, Stubbs Hat and Coat Hook Set, Stainless steel hooks by Sugastune, Waterworks Meridien Single Hook. Pantry hook from Restoration Hardware.

Cabinet Pulls and Knobs:

I like this hardware from Molteni – I’m not sure where to buy these exact pieces, but some options by Linnea come close.

Above: Richelieu Hardware – Contemporary Expression, Sugatsune Standard Bar Appliance Pull. Available at Knobs and Hardware. Linnea 746 and 749 Cabinet Pulls. Waterworks Pier Round Knob. Spinneybeck Leather pulls – all first seen on Remodelista.

20 Jan 2011

Portfolio: Photographer Jordi Canosa (Hotels)

My last posting featured some residential photos by photographer Jordi Canosa. As promised, here are some hotel related shots.

MY Hotel, London

Hotel Semaforo, Fisterra, Spain

The Standard Hotel, LA

Hotel J Stockholm