29 Nov 2010

Photography: Go Big!

I seem to be drawn to photography that is either printed really small or extra big. Even some pretty ordinary shots can look incredible when blown up to the right size.

In the Oct/Nov issue of Lonny Magazine, there were 2 stand-out images for me. The room that designer Palmer Weiss put together for her daughters is amazing in so many ways. The beds and linens are fantastic – but this room wouldn’t be half as great without the oversized photographs.

The other shot is one that I’ve featured before. In the living room of designer Lulu De Kwiatkowsi’s L.A. home, there’s an amazing underwater photograph of her husband and nephew. This looks like a gallery purchased shot, but it’s really just a home photo taken to a new level. Love it.

Speaking of affordable art, I recently discovered Jen Bekman’s 20×200 project and spent a lot of time scrolling through her site. I highly recommend taking a peek. This gallery owner’s mission is to make art accessible to everyone.

One of the photographer’s she represents, Christian Chaize, has a photograph featured in this month’s Elle Decor, as seen below. Ever since I saw an exhibit on Massimo Vitali a few years ago, I’ve been totally into beach scenes likes these. Jen Bekman’s own home was profiled on Design&Sponge in Sept 2009 and it looks like she has one of the photographer’s shots as well.

Here are some other room shots that feature pretty incredible oversized prints. The photographs below are by Thomas Struth and Andreas Gursky as seen in Elle Decor and Met Home. Sigh. While these home owners are serious collectors, you can really do a lot with great framing and scale.

Other images in homes designed by Steven Gambrel, Delson Sherman, and J. Weiss Design.

23 Nov 2010


The interesting thing about building a new home, is that every inch of space is carefully thought out. Every spot in our house has a purpose – or at least that’s what we’ve tried to achieve. Great right? Well, yes and no. While I love the flow of our place, what we’re missing are those little “nooks” of space that you might find in older spots or even renovated ones that have some space to fill.

I’ve been collecting shots of “nooks” over the past bit – not because I need them right now, but just because I like them. I’ll just keep these pictures on file for some later time.

Above Sources: From the Desk of Lola, Hulya Kolabas, Hotel Skeppsholmen, Chictip,Daniel Hertzell, Ashe + Leandro; Last two images from unknown sources

22 Nov 2010

Housewares: Mortar & Pestles by Tahir Mahmood

Mortar & pestles are about as traditional a kitchen item as you can find. Who would even think of giving them a modern edge? Thankfully, Tahir Mahmood did. This Toronto based designer has taken this age old object and transformed them into very cool household wares that you won’t want to keep hidden.

19 Nov 2010

Housewares: Utility objects done right

Years ago, I seriously contemplated becoming an industrial designer. I’d recently moved to New York, took my first product design course, even moonlighted for a small studio. I can’t even remember why I didn’t keep going, to be honest. All that I know is I get strangely excited by beautifully designed everyday stuff.

So, yes, I look at the step ladder below and crave it for my home. The Cycloc bike storage unit gave me goose bumps. Ah, how brilliant. And a simple coat rack that will solve my organizational nightmares. Sold.

Below: Step stool by Design House Stockholm. Nice enough not to keep in the closet. $295.

Below: Cycloc bike storage unit. $100 at YLiving.

Below: Arthur Coat Rack by Wintercheck Factory. $295 in solid walnut.