29 Oct 2010

500 Coloured Pencils

I must have colour on the brain! Check out this amazing service from Japanese company Felissimo. For 20 months you too can be mailed 25 coloured pencils until you accumulate the full collection.

I don’t know what I love more, the idea of having 500 lovely hues to play with or the lucite display cases that are sold to house this insanely large collection. Instant artwork before you even start to draw! My daughter would go bananas for this gift.

26 Oct 2010

House Tour: L.A. Home of Designer, Lulu De Kwiatkowski

What good timing. I was just flipping through Lonny Magazine’s latest issue and spotted not only a feature on John Robshaw (whom I just wrote about in my last posting), but also Lulu de Kwiatkowski (designer behind label Lulu DK). Her LA home is profiled and I had to share some photos.

It’s a given that each room is filled with stunning fabrics, but what I love the most is her free-spirited art collection. These pieces add such character to her house.

Below: How great is that underwater photograph in the living room?

I get excited just flipping through my Slim Aarons coffee table book. Imagine what I’d be like with a framed photograph over my fireplace, like this one!

Below: I believe this is one of the designer’s own beautiful pieces.

Below: I’m not sure what I love more, the amazing wall hanging or Lulu’s son’s bed and bedding.

Below: Hamptons beach wallpaper made from a friend’s photograph. Another totally original idea.

The entire house has that great mix of feeling totally together, but relaxed and livable at the same time. You can tell that a lot of personal attention went in to filling the space as opposed to buying pieces out of a magazine. I’m feeling inspired. You?

On that note, here are some final shots of LuluDK bedding and fabrics. Lulu DK fabrics also happen to be available at Y&Co. Sorry, I can’t help it!

25 Oct 2010

Fabrics & Linens: John Robshaw, Vanderhurd, Raoul Textiles

All of this talk about kids’ rooms and playspace has got me thinking about fabrics. I can’t wait to add colourful drapes in my daughters’ rooms and I’m dreaming up a long banquette in the basement lined with amazing cushions and pillows.

Now, for the sake of full disclosure, all of the fabric lines listed below are available at Y&Co (my sister’s company) – but, come on, tell me they’re not stunning!

Below: I smile every time I see this photo for John Robshaw Textiles. Classic. As a designer and entrepreneur, I also can’t help but admire how this company has grown and maintained its roots with local artisans in India. Beautiful collection all around.

Vanderhurd has the most stunning collection of fabrics. Hand-printed, hand-embroidered, hand-woven, it doesn’t matter. I’ll take it all, thank you. Seen below: Flower Cut Out 15, Flower Cut out 5, Grande Etoile 6, Grande Prisme 5

Below: Handprinted Belgian linen fabrics by Santa Barbara based Raoul Textiles. The Suriname print featured at the bottom of this post is one of my personal favourites.

22 Oct 2010

Playroom: Toys

Okay, this is my last posting for the next while on kids-centric stuff. I suppose I’ve gotten a bit carried away – but with small kids at home and a house to fill from top to bottom, I couldn’t help myself. To wrap things up, here’s a mix of toys that have caught my eye recently.

Below: Lil Wooden Modern Kitchen by Momoll. Their high back chair and playtower are pretty damn fabulous as well.

Below: I picked up one of these wooden lambs by Manny & Simon at Auggie (a completely inspiring store for kids and Oliver Yaphe’s latest retail partner!).

Below: What is it about toy globes that I love so much? I don’t even think I had one as a kid, but I love them…I might just have to start collecting a few. I particularly love the ones with details in black, like that found at Commute Home or the Corona black and white version by Nendo. I also spotted this amazing chalkboard globe while flipping through Lonny Magazine. It’s sold through The Well Appointed House. I seriously might have to get this one.

And now for some incredible pieces with incredible price tags to match. Arg. The soapbox car by PLAY, a danish children’s furniture company. I spotted it on Minor Details along with its $2750 price tag. Really? Likewise for the Wedge House by Modern Playhouse. It’s a great little wooden house that could be used for anything really – a theatre, house, private getaway. But at $1250 a pop, my kids will likely be using cardboard.