30 Mar 2010

Herringbone floors

To all those concerned readers who politely told me I was insane for wanting white floors, fear not. We won’t be having white planks in our new home. But, I do love the aesthetic!

Here are some more photos to feed your appetite. Herringbone. We won’t be doing this either, but I think this style can look absolutely amazing. Think Parisian salon.

JosephDirand_Herringbone1 Above: Joseph Dirand Architecture

RUM_Herringbonefloors Above: RUM Magazine

LaPlace_StGeorge3 Above: La Place & Co. Architecture + Design

DitteIsager_herringbone1 Above: Ditte Isager Photography

28 Mar 2010

Rainy Day Find

I’m going to digress for a sec about talking about home stuff. It’s a rainy Sunday and I just spotted the perfect rain boots (and more) for my daughter. We have lots of striped clothing in this household and I’m a fan of unisex stuff, so it’s no great surprise that Swedish company Polarn O. Pyret caught my eye.

Now, there is one minor catch. The company doesn’t seem to ship to Canada – but I’m working on that. They do sell in the US. With a vacation States-bound next week, I might just be in luck.


25 Mar 2010

Windows, windows, windows

I’ve never paid as much attention to the windows on houses I pass by as I have lately. I discretely (sort of) walk up to stranger’s homes and touch their frames to see if they’re wood or aluminum. I used to just notice a house and comment on aesthetics. Now I ask questions like “are those aluminum clad or anodized?”

In any event, I’ve discovered a new found love for steel / metal windows. They’re stunning. Take a peek:

Fernlund + Logan Architects

Photo care of Remodelista

Crosby Street Hotel

We want an industrial look, but we also don’t want to be freezing in the winter. I’ve been told that steel windows have come a long way, but given that we’re living in Toronto, we’ve decided to opt for something more practical / affordable. Exactly what, we’re unsure at this point. While we decide, why not check out these inspiring views:


Terracedoors Source unknown

Herzog & DeMeuron; Vitrahaus

Photo by Simon Watson


Sky Frame Windows

23 Mar 2010

From the Outside

Before we thought about exterior sketches or what type of home we wanted, we started collecting images. Lots of images. The photos below are nothing like what we’re ultimately going to have (sigh), but I found inspiration in these shots.

I love the mix of old and new together. That will be our challenge – to build a new house with with the character of a lived in space.

Take a look at some of these incredible homes:


Gregory Phillips Architects


Helen Lucas Architects


Rees Roberts + Partners

I also love traditional brownstones, particularly after living in New York. Here’s a shot that just makes me happy.


Peter Aaron Photography

Plus another with a neat contemporary twist.


Dean Wolf Architects