24 Feb 2010

Frame It

Artwork adds instant character to a home, in my opinion. I’ve been noticing some really fabulous ways to display collections. Here are a few:


Above: From My Scandinavian Retreat
Below: From SkonaHem


I’ve also included this image, because I love the prints.


19 Feb 2010

Scandinavian Retreat

It’s funny how things that are right under your nose are often the most hard to find. Here I am, back in Toronto for over a year now, but it took Remodelista to direct me to one the best stores I’ve seen in this city.

Living in New York was different. I’d stumble upon incredible finds on daily walks. I admit, you have to do a bit more digging here, but there are great spots all over different nooks of the city. Entering Mjolk and chatting with its lovely owners (John and Juli) reaffirmed that for me. The store also cemented my claim that I love Scandinavian design. Love.




18 Feb 2010

California Dreamin’

On such a dreary day, what a treat to discover the fabulous artwork by San Francisco artist Chloe Fleury (via Design Work Life). They are three dimensional and so unique. Each print shows a different SF neighbourhood. I now love the Mission District even more!


9 Feb 2010

Tattered Cover

I’m a bit late in getting around to this posting. But, I was just at the checkout at the grocery store and spotted a New Yorker cover mentioning the passing of J.D.Salinger. Just seeing the cover got me thinking. It got me thinking about books and literature and the ipad and the future of publishing. I could go on.

One of the first rugs that I designed was called “books.” Sure, I could have had a more clever title, but really I wanted to pay homage to something that has inspired me since childhood. Books. Lots of books. Bookshelves. I love the idea of carrying around digital literature, but I love printed copies. I love collecting books. I love seeing my shelves expand. My bookshelf would never be complete without a copy of The Catcher in the Rye. Most people would probably say the same. That’s incredible, isn’t it?

It’s amazing that a single piece of literature could affect so many people. I first read Catcher in high school. It didn’t feel like an assignment. I knew from the first line, I’d be into it. I read it again years later and I loved it even more. I don’t remember all of the details that I should at this point, but the cover alone brings back memories and inspires me. It inspires me to read. It inspires me to write. It inspires me to talk about great writing. It’s reminded me that it’s been too many years since I’ve picked up my ratty burgundy copy of one of my favourite books of all time.

I’ve included a few cover samples so that maybe I won’t be alone in digging out my old copy.