21 Nov 2016

Copenhagen Home of Søren Garde and Rita Vibild

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything. Figure this is a good place to get back into things. Here is a beautiful home in Copenhagen.

Via: Gardehvalsoe

24 Mar 2016

Lyon Apartment by Maison Hand

via Detail Collective / Maison-Hand.

5 Feb 2016

The Black House

This stunning Australian farmhouse is one of the latest developments by Canny Architecture – as featured in Est Magazine.

15 Oct 2015

Montreal Loft

I was just flipping through this amazing coffee table book called The Inspired Home. Each place featured is better than the next. Then I stopped in my tracks when I saw this Montreal loft. One…that’s my home town. Two…I know the owner of the home. Well, we haven’t seen each other since we were twelve or something…but all the more reason to feel nostalgic. Here you go.

Photos by Ditte Isager