Clip Art

When I love a piece of art, I fall instantly. It’s strange really, considering I’ve been known to stagger with simple choices like ordering at a restaurant or picking an evening venue. But if I see a piece of artwork that I love, I start scheming for ways to make it mine or at least visit it as often as possible (ah, thank you, Andreas Gursky).

Recently, I was dropping off some rugs at Hollace Cluny. If you haven’t visited their store on 1070 Yonge Street in Toronto, please do. Owner Susan Fowlie has a knack for finding pieces to inspire. It was there that I fell for the Big Scissor Print by Alanna Cavanagh. It’s often the simplest images that I gravitate towards most. Lately I’ve had a tendency to add too much detail and this image reminded me the power of pairing back. Fitting, I suppose, that I fell for a pair of scissors.


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