New Work by Alanna Cavanagh

One of the first posts I did on this blog featured Alanna Cavanagh’s Big Orange Scissor Print. I first spotted this piece at Hollace Cluny – an impeccable store in Toronto with a knack for finding pieces that you will pine for long after you visit.

Or at least that’s what happened to me. For months and months I kept Alanna’s work in the back of my mind – until one day, I finally gave in! Thankfully.

Fast forward nearly two years and I now have an online boutique and am actually selling Alanna’s work! How great is that?

Alanna is a fearless creative who keeps coming out with inspiring work. Her latest is a print of food related quotes – great for a kitchen, dining room, as a gift for any foodie – or really anywhere you have free wall space!

If you’re a lucky winner, you might take home a print through The Marionhousebook‘s giveaway this week. If not, I know exactly where you can pick up a print of your own:) Visit our store for more info. Print sells for $125 and is 23″ x 34″.

In the mean time, here is the new Kitchen Quotation print as well as some other new fabulous scene shots featuring Alanna’s work.

First photo via The Marionhousebook. Remaining photos care of Alanna Cavanagh via photographers Janet Kimber, Donna Griffith, and Jodi Pudge.

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